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The CSA Archive: Requirements for Documentation

Important notice: The CSA web site was re-designed in August of 2010. Some documents then available were out of date; so they were not included in the re-design and were not updated. This is one of those documents. Information about dates of posting and revision remains here, but there will be no revision of any kind after August, 2010.

Pages concerning CSA archival activities may seem to imply that CSA continues to do archival work. However, all archival projects under CSA's oversight have been terminated. Scholars interested in archiving digital files may wish to contact the Archaeology Data Service in York, England; Archaeological Research Institute at Arizona State University; or the Digital Archaeology Record.


Crucial data about digital files must accompany those files if they are to be useful to other users. The following lists indicate minimum requirements for data to be deposited in the CSA archive, though not all projects will use all categories. (For a lengthy discussion of indexing and these categories, see CSA Newsletter article entitled "Where is the Information," from the Fall, 1997, issue. Those who are considering depositing data should start here to begin preparing the necessary documentation, but consultation with CSA personnel is recommended. Please write to CSA Director, Harrison Eiteljorg, II, CSA, Box 60, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 (email: user-name nicke at (@) domain-name csanet.org; tel.: 484.612.5862).

Basic Information for indexing:

Extended documentation for users and to aid migration - for CAD models:

Extended documentation for users and to aid migration - for images:

The following documentation notes were originally created for data tables to be archived by the Archaeological Data Archive. Although the Archaeological Data Archive has ceased active operation, these notes have been retained for historic interest and as potentially useful advice.

Extended documentation for users and to aid migration - for data tables (for each table in a multi-table database or for the only table in a flat file) or for spreadsheets:

Extended documentation for users and to aid migration - for multi-table databases:

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