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Introduction to CSA Guide to Archaeological Projects


The Center for the Study of Architecture (CSA), with the cooperation of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), produced a Web-based guide to archaeological projects. The intent was to provide basic information about archaeological projects around the world, whether those projects were excavations, surveys, salvage operations, conservation/rescue projects, or laboratory-based projects such as catalogs. The AIA was not actively involved in the work after 1999.

Despite the initially enthusiastic reception of this database, it proved to be impossible to get enough information about projects to keep the site up to date and to offer information about a sufficient number of projects. As a consequence, active work on the archaeological projects database was terminated, and the information removed from the CSA web site. The information, as last updated in May of 2003, is available on request. For access to that information for historical purposes, please send email to user-name director at (@) domain-name csanet.org.