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Bagnall, Roger
Review of Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis der griechischen Papyrusurkunden Ägyptens
Authors:Dieter Hagedorn, James Cowey and Renate Ziegler
Date of review: 3 August 1998
Description: An informational web site concerning Greek papyri from Egypt

Brody, Lisa R.
Review of the Imperial Forums
Author: site created and maintained by the Cultural Heritage Department of the Municipality of Rome; contributions by Dr. Silvana Rizzo and others.
Date of Review: 16 November, 1999
Description: An informational web site about the Imperial Fora of Rome and the current program of archaeological research being conducted there.

Cole, Les
Review of PSEIRA: A Minoan Site in Eastern Crete
Author: Philip P. Betancourt
Date of review: 20 March 1999
Description: A multi-media CD-ROM presenting an overview of the Minaon site of Pseira intended for general audiences.

de Luce, Judith
Review of AICT: Art Images for College Teaching
Author: Allan T. Kohl
Date of Review: 9 February 2000
Description: A web site of selected images organized into five groups (Ancient World, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, 18th through 20th Century, and Non-Western Culture)

de Luce, Judith
Review of three web sites about Megiddo
Authors: None stated.
Date of Review: 26 July 2000
Description: This review looks at three sites featuring Megiddo: one from the Institute of Archaeology, Tel-Aviv University (The Megiddo Expedition) and two from Pennsylvania State University (The Megiddo Expedition 98 and The Megiddo Expedition).

Donahue, John F.
Review of Vroma: A Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics
Project Staff: Suzanne Bonefas, Michael Arnush, Kenneth Morrell, Barbara McManus
Date of Review: September 21, 1999
Description: A virtual forum for teaching and learning Latin and ancient Roman culture and an informational web site of on-line resources with links to other sites.

Eiteljorg, Harrison, II
Review of Çatalhöyük: Excavations of a Neolithic Anatolian Tell
Authors: Ian Hodder, Anja Wolle and various other authors.
Date of Review: 22 July 1998
Description: An informational Web site with material about the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in the Near East (Turkey)

Eden, Brad
Review of Romans
Author: None stated.
Date of Review: 28 January 2000
Description: An interactive CD-ROM that is an educational adventure set in the provincial town of Sapientum, in the second century A.D.

Glowacki, Kevin
Review of Delos: A Database of Archaeological Images
Authors: Hervé Duchêne and Stéphane Girerd. English language edition by Nicholas K. Rauh, Rhys F. Townsend, and John C. Bednar.
Date of review: 5 March 1999
Description: An educational CD-ROM presenting an overview of the Greek archaeological site of Delos through a collection of archival photographs.

Hamilton, Richard
Review of Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua
Author: Lee Pearcy

Review date: 8 July 1998
Description: an informational Web site about medicine in antiquity (Classical through Hellenistic)

Holoka, James P.
Review of De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Editorial Board Director: Richard D. Weigel; system administrator: G. Ginty
Date of Review: 21 January 2000
Description: This website aims to provide biographical and historical information about Roman emperors in both the East and the West from Augustus through Constantine XI Palaeologus.

Hughes, Lisa A.
Review of Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome
Authors: Internet Group Ostia (IGO) with Dr. Jan-Theo Bakker and Dr. Michael Heinzelmann (co-webmasters) and Mr. Gerard Huissen (web maintenance)
Date of Review: 23 June 2000
Description: A web site devoted to Roman Ostia.

Hunsucker, R.L.
Review of POxy : Oxyrhynchus Online
Authors: Concept: Dirk Obbink; produced and maintained by: Gideon Nisbet; with the cooperation of: Revel Coles, Peter Parsons, and Charles Crowther.
Date of review: 7 May 1999
Description: An informational website about, and providing images of, Greek papyri of the Ptolemaic, Roman and early Byzantine periods, from Oxyrhynchus in Egypt

Hutton, William
Review of Diotima: Materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.
Authors: Created by Suzanne Bonefas and Ross Scaife. Currently maintained by Scaife with Diane Arnson Svarlien as editor of the "Anthology" section and Celia Luschnig for "De feminis Romanis." Numerous others have contributed original materials.
Date of review: 31 July 1999.
Description: Assorted material related to women and gender in the ancient world, including bibliography, course materials, primary texts in translation, electronic publications, graphics, and links.

Jones, Susan C.
Review of Adventures in Fugawiland
Authors: T. Douglas Price and Anne Birgette Gebauer.
Date of review: 15 May 1999.
Description: A computerized simulation of an archaeological project from research design through regional survey, site selection, excavation, and data analysis.

Kosmetatou, Elizabeth
Review of The American Numismatic Society (ANS) Web Page
Web Master: Sebastian Heath
Date of Review: 2 May 2000
Description: The home page for the ANS which offers information on its activities, publications, and numismatic holdings, as well as databases of its collections and library, a numismatic bibliography and a list of numismatic web-sites.

Kosmetatou, Elizabeth
Review of Presveis: International Coinages in Antiquity
Authors: Yannis Touratsoglou, Ute Wartenberg, Vasso Pennas, Kenneth Sheedy, and Yannis Stoyas with contributions by others.
Date of Review: 2 May 2000
Description: An informative web site in progress concerning the powerful "international" coinages from antiquity to the present.

Mulhern, J. J.
Review of Exploring Plato's Dialogues
Editor: Anthony F. Beavers, general editor, with the assistance of Christopher S. Planeux and others
Date of Review: 31 January 2000
Description: An information web site, with links to other sites, concerning the Platonic dialogues (Classical Greece).

Oakley, John
Review of The Ancient City of Athens
Authors: Kevin T. Glowacki and Nancy L. Klein
Date of Review: 23 June 1998
Description: An informational web site about ancient Athens (Bronze Age through Classical) with links to other sites

Roccos, Linda Jones
"Freedom of Bibliography" - Combined Review and Comparison of Diotima, Gnomon Online, and TOCS-IN
Authors: Diotima - Ross Scaife and Suzanne Bonefas; Gnomon On-Line - Jurgen Malitz and Gregor Weber; TOCS-IN - Philippa Matheson and Robert Morstein-Marx
Date of review: 12 February 1999
Description: A comparison and review of 3 online bibliographic sites.

Romano, Gary
Review of Perseus: Starting Points Section
Authors: Gregory Crane (editor-in-chief) and others
Date of Review: 25 May 2000
Description: Perseus is an electronic collection of texts, art, and other materials about the ancient world, with some works of the Renaissance. The Starting Points section provides a sampling of the resources available on the site.

Rubinson, Karen S.
Review of ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet
Editor: Charles E. Jones
Date of review: 28 April 1999; revised 5 July 1999.
Description: A group of indices to web resources on the Ancient Near East, as well as many which cover the ancient Mediterranean world (Paleolithic through Islamic) with hot-links to the cited sites.

Ruebel, James S.
Review of Intermediate Latin: An Online Supplement to Intermediate Latin
Authors: Minaz Fazal, coordinator, with Stephen Beall, David George, and Ann Raia.
Date of Review: 15 August 2000
Description: A Web site intended to complement the reading of specific Latin texts frequently used in the second-year curriculum.

Schlesinger, Marissa R.
Review of Theban Mapping Project
Authors: Text - Dr. Kent R. Weeks, Director of the TMP, Edwin Brock, Walton Chan, Marcie Handler, Melissa Zabecki; Illustrations - Walton Chan, Susan Weeks; Photography - Francis Dzikowski, Edwin Brock; Additional photo credits - John Ross for Ballooning Over Thebes, David Wallace for mummy of Ramesses II, The British Library for Burton's diary; Coordinator, site design - Brendhan Hight; Graphic design - Second Story, Walton Chan; Technical consultancy - Webdata Internet Business Center, John Bex, Hans van den Berg.Dieter Hagedorn, James Cowey and Renate Ziegler
Date of review: 20 January, 1999
Description: An informational Web Site about the Theban Necropolis of Egypt and a site report for the ongoing excavation of Theban Tomb KV5.

Sehlmeyer, Markus
Review of Theodor Mommsen, Römisches Staatsrecht Band 1-3. on CD-ROM
Author: Theodor Mommsen
Date of review: 14 Dec 1998
Description: Mommsenıs Staatsrecht. Reproduktion der 3. Aufl. Leipzig 1887, on CD-ROM

Serwint, Nancy
Review of DigMaster
Authors: Paul F. Jacobs (site editor), Christopher Holland (site designer), and Joe D. Seger
Date of Review: 24 May 2000
Description: An archaeological database of excavated material from the eastern Mediterranean (Israel and Cyprus), focusing on terracotta figurines and sculpture from the Persian/Classical periods with some material from Iron Age II.

Small, J. Penny
Review of Personal Web Sites
Authors: Various authors
Date of Review: 27 July 1998
Description: Personal Web Sites

Spaeth, Barbette Stanley
Review of Mythology: The Great Myths of Greece and Rome
Editors: Alessandra Arezzi Boza, Stefania Cantini, Filippo Melli, and Simona Ricci
Date of Review: 18 March 2000
Description: A CD-ROM for use with the Windows operating system containing a selection of Greek and Roman myths related to both gods and heroes.

Swain, L. J.
Review of LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World
Author: Bill Thayer
Date of Review: 26 October 2000
Description: A large site containing a catalog of Roman web sites with checked links, brief descriptions of the site, and other information about the sites in the catalog.

Van de Moortel, Aleydis
Review of Pseira. A Bronze Age Seaport in Minoan Crete. Introduction to the Site
Author: Philip P. Betancourt
Date of Review: 18 October, 1999
Description: A multi-media CD-ROM with images, short essays, and sound, providing an introduction to the art and archaeology of Pseira, a small Bronze Age seaport in eastern Crete.

Venit, Marjorie
Review of House of Ptolemy
Author: Adam D. Philippidis
Date of review: 2 May 1999
Description: A personal web site of annotated links

Wright, Diana
Review of Classical Mythology: History, Legends & Influences
Authors: Not stated.
Date of Review: 1 August 2000
Description: An interactive CD-ROM for use with either PC or Macintosh computers, concerning Greek and Roman mythology.

Zorn, Jeffrey R.
Review of 'Ain Ghazal Excavation Reports: Symbols at 'Ain Ghazal - Volume 1
Authors: Denise Schmandt-Besserat, editor, with Gary O. Rollefson and Zeidan Kafafi. (Specific authors are indicated for individual articles.)
Date of Review: 29 August 2000
Description: An informational Web site about the figural remains from Neolithic 'Ain Ghazal (Jordan).

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