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Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review (BMERR). BMERR was an online journal for reviews of electronic resources concerning the ancient world. Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR) is now publishing reviews of electronic resources, and BMERR has discontinued its separate existence. Reviews published 1998-2000 are now available through the BMCR web site ( and they are still available via the BMERR web page.

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Editorial Staff

Editor: Harrison Eiteljorg, II, Center for the Study of Architecture
Associate Editor: Susan C. Jones, Center for the Study of Architecture
Editorial Board: Richard Hamilton, Bryn Mawr College
Roger S. Bagnall, Columbia University
John H. Oakley, The College of William and Mary in Virginia
Lee T. Pearcy, The Episcopal Academy
Linda Jones Roccos, The College of Staten Island/CUNY
Jocelyn Penny Small, Rutgers University
Judith de Luce, Miami University

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