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Items for Review

The following Web sites/CDs are candidates for review. If any of the following looks interesting to you or you have another site/CD of interest that you would like to review, please contact the editor, Nick Eiteljorg, at Please note that some of these sites and CDs may have been reviewed or may be in the review process. In addition, some sites are in need of independent review but may also be referred to in a review of a site that includes them as links.

An asterisk has been placed next to the sites and CDs that have been reviewed or are in the review process; completed reviews are also annotated with the reviewer's name and a link. Note, however, that we are eager to have multiple reviews on resources so that readers may benefit from different perspectives.

Web Sites:
The following listing is alphabetical, by resource name. Note that each resource has been assigned general subject areas. The current subjects are:
  • General Archaeology
  • Aegean Archaeology
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Egyptian Archaeology
  • European Archaeology
  • Near Eastern Archaeology
  • Near Eastern Historical Archaeology
  • Classical Philology
  • Papyrology
  • Research Aid
  • Teaching Aid
  • CRM (Cultural Resources Management)


Note that descriptions are necesarily from the publisher or some other external source. Review copies are not normally obtained until a reviewer has volunteered; so the CDs have not been previewed by the editor.

Last update: 1 August 2001.