Vol. VII, No. 2

August, 1994

Parthenon Metopes and AutoCAD

Professor Katherine Schwab of Fairfield University has been working for some time on the relationships of the Parthenon metopes to one another and to the architectural setting in which they originally lived. In order to visualize those relationships, Ms. Schwab has begun working with CSA to create a model of the exterior of the Parthenon of sufficient accuracy to serve as an appropriate backdrop for the metopes. The surviving metopes will also be modeled, of course. Ms. Schwab hopes to be able to use the model to understand and illustrate more accurately the relationships between and among the metopes as they would have been seen on the building in antiquity.

Ms. Schwab came to Bryn Mawr in August to work with CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, on AutoCAD and to begin the modeling work. In 1995 Ms. Schwab will be working on this project at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while holding an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship.

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