Vol. IX, No. 2

August, 1996

CSA Intern in July

Adrienne Leigh Sharpe, an undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke College, was an intern in the CSA office for the month of July this year. Ms. Sharpe worked with CSA Director, Harrison Eiteljorg, II, on the AutoCAD tutorial, using it, commenting, using the revised editions, and generally helping make the tutorial more effective. Ms. Sharpe was an excellent person to test the tutorial, since she arrived with no CAD experience but much enthusiasm. She pointed out many places where instructions were unclear or imprecise, and her questions prodded Mr. Eiteljorg to rethink the tutorial in several ways.

As a result of Ms. Sharpe's experience, the tutorial has been substantially modified; even the shapes to be drawn have been changed. Of course, further modifications are likely, and users' comments are requested. New commands will be added to the tutorial until all the commands thought to be useful to archaeologists and architectural historians have been covered. In the meantime, the version that resulted from Ms. Sharpe's efforts may be found at

Ms. Sharpe's own view of her experience is may be found in the article, "A New Experience With Computers."

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