Vol. IX, No. 2

August, 1996

AIA Web Site Opens - Includes Volunteer List, Electronic Publication Experiment

The Archaeological Institute of America's Web site will be open by the time you read this. The address is http://csaws.brynmawr.edu:443/aia.html. (The current URL for the AIA home page is http://www.archaeology.org. -- ed.) General information about the Institute, lists of officers and members of the staff and the board, tour information, information about AIA publications, local society information, and more will be available through the Web site.

Among the first items to be available on the Web site are a list of volunteers to aid primary and secondary school teachers and an experiment concerning electronic publication.

The list of volunteers is one of the Institute's ways of trying to aid teachers who want to tell their students more about archaeology. Volunteers - solicited over the Internet - will be listed, along with contact information, areas of specialization, and type of help offered. Teachers may use the list to find help of many kinds - answers to factual questions, suggestions for approaches or sources, perhaps even classroom speakers. Volunteers do not need to be AIA members; nor do the teachers who use the list. If you would like to volunteer, send email to CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II (user nicke at (@) the domain csanet.org).

The electronic publication experiment has been discussed above. See "Electronic Publishing Experiment."

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