Vol. XIII, No. 2
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Fall, 2000

Thank you!

Our last request for support of the CSA Newsletter was in May, 2000. We are pleased and grateful that you have responded with contributions and words of encouragement since then, and we hope with the new web format that all will wish to contribute.

We are able to process either VISA or MasterCard charges. If you send us your card number and type, expiration date, amount of contribution, full name on the card, and billing address, we will charge your account and send a receipt - and a note of thanks.

A special thanks to these readers who have contributed since the Spring Newsletter (as of 1 October, 2000):

Arron M. Levin Richard Vedder

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CSA also wished to thank AutoDesk, Inc., for its contribution of new software -- AutoCAD 2000, CAD Overlay 2000 and 3-D Studio VIZ® (Release 3). For details, see the article in this issue.

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