Vol. XVI, No. 2
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Fall, 2003

CSA Moving to New Office

In 1992 CSA Director , II, signed an agreement with Bryn Mawr College that brought CSA to the campus. It was a five-year agreement, but at the end of the initial term, CSA simply stayed -- and stayed.

It has been enormously valuable to CSA to have been able to be on the campus during these years, being close to colleagues, the College's superb library, and the academic life of this institution. CSA is very grateful to the College for making that possible.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The office CSA has been using since 1995 is in the basement of the oldest building on the campus, Dalton Hall, and the time has come to remodel it. As a result, the basement space that has been CSA's home for the last 8 years will be transformed and no longer available. CSA is moving into the real world, in the form of a commercial office -- with windows so that Mr. Eiteljorg no longer must call out to the wider world to learn if he needs an umbrella when he leaves. The mailing address will not change, but the telephone number will. The new number, for phone or fax, will be (610) 525-7925, effective November 1, 2003. There will be no answering machine on that line. To leave a message, call (610) 256-4665.

Email addresses will remain unchanged, but the very old email address for Mr. Eiteljorg at brynmawr.edu will no longer be used. It has actually been closed for a time, with mail forwarded to his csanet.org address.

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