Vol. XVI, No. 2
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Fall, 2003

Lantern Slides Web Pages Moving to Bryn Mawr College Server

The Lantern Slides of Classical Antiquity Web site maintained by CSA, in cooperation with Bryn Mawr College, has been turned over to the College. The appearance of the Mellon-funded ARTStor project (see, in this issue, "ARTstor, a Web-based Image Collection", by Susan Jones (http://csanet.org/newsletter/fall03/nlf0302.html)) made it seem impossible to make Lantern Slides Project continue to grow as an independent project; so it seemed appropriate to turn over the current site to the College. The new URL is http://www.brynmawr.edu/Admins/DMVRC/lanterns/. The CSA version of the site will remain in place until the end of December, 2003, and pointers to Bryn Mawr's page will be added. When the CSA pages are taken down, the Home Page and a pointer will remain.

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