Vol. XXII, No. 2
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September, 2009

Susan C. Jones, With Thanks

Harrison Eiteljorg, II
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A short note appeared in the CSA Newsletter for May, 1995. It was entitled "Susan Jones Joins CSA Staff," and it seemed an unremarkable item at the time, duly noted but not extraordinary. I concluded the short note with this: "We at CSA are delighted to welcome Ms. Jones to the staff." Polite and pleasant but hardly remarkable.

That was more than fourteen years ago, and during those fourteen years Susan Jones became critically important to CSA. She read virtually everything that was written here; she and I learned HTML coding together and set up the web site together; she wrote CSA Newsletter articles and reviews; she debated issues with me; she helped immeasurably with the preparation of Archaeological Computing; she was a sounding board for ideas; she was willing to argue with me, something she did amiably and effectively. Most important, Susan became a valued friend as well as a colleague.

At the end of August Susan worked her last day at CSA and will be devoting all her time to her teaching duties in the coming years. Typically, we worked on something for the CSA Newsletter on that last day. As I write this, I worry that I will mis-speak here or elsewhere in this issue of the newsletter or somewhere on the CSA Propylaea Project web site and that Susan will not be the ever-present backstop to save me. She will be sorely missed, and I can only hope that her students will be as mindful of what she brings to the table as I have become.

-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

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