Vol. XI, No. 2                                                                                                  Fall, 1998

AIA-CSA Web Listing of Archaeological Projects

The Archaeological Institute of America and the Center for the Study of Architecture are beginning a cooperative venture to build a Web site with listings of current archaeological projects in the Mediterranean basin. A member of the Committee for Computer Applications and Electronic Data of the AIA first suggested the idea, and the committee worked on the questionnaire. CSA will distribute the questionnaire, tabulate the responses, and host the Web site. The questionnaire has been sent to various email lists to elicit information about projects. At least for the time being, the site will include projects that are either still in progress or were started after 1980.

The Web site will make the information that is gathered freely available, providing a way for scholars and students to find out what projects are going on and in what places. It will also provide a convenient and effective aid for scholars hoping to exchange information with one another. There will be indices for searching via geographic location or chronological/cultural period covered.

A copy of the questionnaire is included here. If you are responsible for a project in the Mediterranean basin, please either fill out the attached electronic questionnaire, forwarding it to the CSA; or fill it out a printed version of it, sending your response to CSA by the end of October. Note that Mediterranean basin is not defined here. Project directors are encouraged to define the term broadly.

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