Vol. XII, No. 2

Fall, 1999

CSA/AIA Database of Archaeological projects on the Web

The CSA/AIA database of archaeological projects is now available on the Web. Information concerning more than 60 projects is available via the CSA Web site at http://www.csanet.org/archproj. Now that the initial group of projects has been posted, users’ responses will guide the continuing development of the database. Meanwhile, those whose projects are not included are urged to send in the information needed - using the questionnaire available in the Fall, 1998, issue of the CSA Newsletter. A paper questionnaire is in the hardcopy version of the Newsletter, and a questionnaire for electronic submission is available on the Web (Fall, 1998, CSA Newsletter, "AIA-CSA Web Listing of Archaeological Projects," pp. 14-15; http://csanet.org/newsletter/fall98/nlf9806.html).

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