Vol. XII, No. 2

Fall, 1999

Thank You!

Our last request for support of the CSA Newsletter was in the Spring, 1999, issue. An envelope was enclosed in that issue. We are pleased and grateful that so many of you have responded with contributions and words of encouragement since that time, and we hope that all will wish to contribute.

We are able to process either VISA or MasterCard charges. If you send us your card number and type, expiration date, amount of contribution, full name on the card, and billing address, we will charge your account and send a receipt—and a note of thanks.

The date of your last contribution should appear on your mailing label. If it is in error, please let us know.

A special thanks to these readers who have contributed since the Spring Newsletter (as of September 6, 1999):

Andrew C. Cohen Lawrence G. Desmond
Penelope B. Drooker Michael Eisner
Diane Favro Cynthia M. Harrison
Gordon E. Hull Llewellyn & Doris Jones
Martha Sharp Joukowsky G. N. & Elfriede Knauer
Peter J. J. Kosiba Peter Ian Kuniholm
Carol Herselle Krinsky Kenneth J. LaBudde
Nicole Logan Hugh McCague
Larry David McCormick Glenn Meyer
J. Wilson Myers Naomi J. Norman
Richard W. Palmer Holly Pittman
The Sardis Excavations Etta M. Saunders
H. Alan Shapiro Alison Snyder
Wilma Stern Gair Tourtellot
Richard Vedder Jere Wickens
Elizabeth Lyding Will Holly Wright
Nancy Wu

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

CSA also wishes to thank Samuel H. Francis and an anonymous donor for generous support to the general operations of CSA. We are most grateful.

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