Vol. VII, No. 4

February, 1995

Internet Resources

Much information is now available on the Internet, but it can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there are some good, up-to-date resources to guide those of us interested in the Classical World and archaeology. Similar resources exist for other fields.

A published resource entitled Archaeology on the Net: An Internet Resource List, has been compiled by Simon Holledge (simon@tanuki.twics.com) and published by Wessex International Archaeology (33 Herbert Street, Cambridge CB4 1AG, England). Dated September, 1994, the booklet, includes a good general introduction, a very useful "Appendix of Internet Services," and listings of individual resources, including lists, WWW servers, and gopher sites.

Another paper resource is Burrowing in Classical Antiquity: A Selective Guide to Internet Resources. The material in this pamphlet, dated 9/3/94, was compiled by Blake Landor (blaland@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu). It includes gopher sites, lists, electronic journals, World Wide Web servers, and other helpful information.

Another source of information is itself on the Internet. It is posted on Internet lists, including the AIA-L and ARCH-L, as "Frequently Asked Questions: Internet Resources of Interest to Anthropologists." It is compiled and revised regularly by Allen H. Lutins (al2032@thor.albany.edu). The document may also be obtained by anonymous ftp at various sites, via gopher sites, and over the WWW. This is a list of resources of interest to anthropologists and is intended for those who know how to use the tools of the Internet. Included are lists and discussion groups, anonymous ftp materials, gopher sites, WWW servers, electronic journals and archives, and miscellaneous other sources of anthropological information.

Please write to the individual authors for more information about their materials.

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