Vol. VII, No. 4

February, 1995

Thank You!

Our request for support of the Newsletter was "sent" as a part of the May issue. We are grateful to those who have responded already and hope that all of you who read the Newsletter will want to add your support before the campaign for this volume draws to a close. (Please remember that contributions may now be made through your VISA or MasterCard account. Just send your account number and expiration date when you tell us how much you wish to contribute. We will charge your account and send a receipt.)

American School of Classical StudiesHarvard University
Richard C. AndersonJane A. Barlow
Emmett BennettErika Pauli and Claudio Bizzarri
Sandra BowdlerClemency C. Coggins
John J. DobbinsIngrid E. M. Edlund-Berry
Richard S. and Maria de J. EllisDavid L. Felton
Charles A. Fritz, IIIDouglas Gann
Joseph A. GreeneJoan A. Knudsen
Carol Herselle KrinskyCharles W. Markman
Sidney D. MarkmanG. Kenneth Sams
George S. SkinnerAl. B. Wesolowsky
Richard WrightJeffrey Zorn

Our gratitude goes also to John J. Dobbins and Charles A. Fritz, III, for contributing to the matching fund for the ADAP grant that was announced in the February, 1994, Newsletter. These contributions have brought us to nearly one-third of the goal. We are delighted to have the drive continuing to move forward, and we hope all will help us match the $ 15,000 challenge for the ADAP.

Responding to the latest appeal for support of the Newsletter, Professor Ingrid Edlund-Berry noted that it is difficult to remember when one last contributed to CSA. She suggested that the date of one's last contribution be noted on the Newsletter mailing label. That seemed an excellent idea; so the date (month/year) of your last contribution to the Newsletter fund will be in the upper right corner of your Newsletter label from now on. We hope it will help remind you of your generosity.

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