Vol. VIII, No. 4

February, 1996

Important Gift to CSA

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Shelton have provided generous help to CSA again this year. Their recent contribution of $2500 provided the necessary funds for beginning to set up the new Web site. CSA was able to purchase the four-gigabyte hard disk for the CSA Sun workstation that will be our Web server. The disk will provide space for Web items from CSA, the ADAP, the Archaeological Institute of America, and perhaps some other organizations as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Shelton's contribution also makes it possible for CSA/ADAP to purchase a CD-ROM recorder, though that will not be purchased just yet in order to take advantage of declining prices and new technology. When purchased, the recorder will make it possible to create archival copies of files quickly and easily. One copy of each archived file will be stored off-site as a precaution against catastrophic loss.

CSA is very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Shelton for their support.

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