Vol. VIII, No. 4

February, 1996

CSA Web Site Opens

CSA's Web site is nearly ready, and it will be operating by the time you receive your copy of the newsletter. The address for the home page is

(This site has been replaced by www.csanet.org. - 11 July 2000)

The Archaeological Data Archive Project home page is

(This site has been replaced by www.csanet.org/archive/adap. - 11 July 2000)

By the end of February there should be available at the CSA site the following: issues of the CSA Newsletter from February of 1995 to the current one (some illustrations may not be available), many but not all of the articles from prior issues, the CSA Layer Naming Convention, the CAD booklet (revised) published by CSA in 1989, as well as some links to other projects and materials.

The Archaeological Data Archive Project materials will include, in addition to general information and a detailed description of the project itself, indices for accessing files in the archive. When appropriate, the files themselves will be available as Web documents. Otherwise, instructions for access via ftp will be provided. (See article, Archaeological Data Archive Now Operating in this issue.)

These are sites under construction. Please let us know what you like and dislike, what to change and to keep. Planned additions include the CSA booklet on surveying and a glossary of computer terms from the CSA Newsletter. We would also like to know of sites that should be linked to any of the items available here.

The CSA Newsletter will now be available on the Web, but there are no plans to stop publishing the printed version. Please write or send e-mail to tell us if you would prefer to have only the electronic version. Future issues will be posted and available slightly before they would otherwise arrive by mail. If requested, we will notify electronic subscribers by e-mail each time a new issue is posted.

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