Vol. VIII, No. 4

February, 1996

Thank You!

Our request for support of the CSA Newsletter was included in the May, 1995, issue. We are pleased and grateful that so many have responded with contributions and much-appreciated words of support and encouragement. Thank you.

Charles R. Cobb Ingrid E. M. Edlund-Berry
Maria deJ. and Richard Ellis David L. Felton
Charles A. Fritz, III Mark B. Garrison
Carol Herselle Krinsky Jane F. Lloyd
Nicole Logan Samuel M. Paley
Elizabeth Lyding Will

If you have not yet contributed, we hope you will. (Contributions may be made through your VISA or MasterCard account. Just send your account number, expiration date, and contribution amount. We will charge your account and send a receipt.) The date of your last contribution is noted in the upper right corner of your CSA Newsletter mailing label. We hope it will help remind you of your generosity.

Our thanks also to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Shelton, Charles A. Fritz, III, Carol McMurtrie, and Irene Winter for their generous contributions to CSA and the Archaeological Data Archive Project.

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