Vol. IX, No. 4

February, 1997

Architectural History with Computers Session at 1997 SAH Meeting

The Society of Architectural Historians is holding its annual meeting in Baltimore in 1997. The meeting is scheduled for April 16 to April 20.

On Saturday, April 19, starting at 9:30 a.m., there will be a session about architectural history projects that have involved the use of computer technologies, and six projects will be discussed. CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, will chair the session, entitled "Architectural History Projects and Computing Technology." The session is intended to be informal, with ample time for discussion after the presentations.

Presenters and topics, in order of presentation, are: Professors David W. Booth and Temy Tidafi, Universitè de Montrèal, "Renaissance Reconstructions of Ancient Architecture: The Baths of Caracalla at Rome;" Professor John J. Dobbins (University of Virginia), "The Pompeii Forum Project;" Professor Elwin C. Robison (Kent State University), "Engineering Analysis and Its Applicability to Historical Inquiry;" Professor Martin Moeck (University of Kansas), "History of Architecture in a Different Light;" Professor Kent Larson, (MIT), "Archaeology of the Unbuilt;" and Professor Diane Favro and Mr. Dean Abernathy (UCLA), "A Columnar Experience: VR Analysis of Trajan's Forum."

Each project involves both important questions of scholarly inquiry and the critical use of computing technology, technology without which accomplishing the aims of the project would have been impossible. A lengthy discussion period will follow the talks, and it should allow not only questions about the particular projects but also spirited exchanges about appropriate uses of computer technology by architectural historians.

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