Vol. IX, No. 4

February, 1997

AIA Internet Image Experiments

The Electronic Publications Committee of the Archaeological Institute of America arranged for images of Attic pottery to be posted on the AIA Web site during the summer. (Originally available at csa.brynmawr.edu/aia.html; the experiment is currently available at csa.brynmawr.edu/web2/picexp.html, or csa.brynmawr.edu/web2/picexp2.html for more control over loading individual images. -- ed.) The current address for the image experiment is www.csanet.org/web2/picexp.html and - www.csanet.org/web2/picexp2.html, respectively. 11 July 2000) Scholars were asked to compare those images to their paper counterparts and comment to the committee (see August issue of the Newsletter, "Electronic Publishing Experiment"). Committee members are eager to know how effective these images can be, especially when compared to paper versions. Indeed, the members are hoping for comments about electronic publication in general. Since the standards have yet to be established, scholars have a chance to influence the development of the standards, but the time to do so is vanishing.

In December the experiment was expanded with the addition of images of pottery from Gordion. All the Web images were keyed to published versions; so people who visited the Web site could readily compare the utility of the Web images with those of the paper ones.

In January the experiment was expanded again, this time with the addition of some photographs from the older propylon in Athens. Some of the scholars who had responded to the earlier experiments had noted that general site photographs present different issues and demands; so the older propylon photographs were added. Some of those photographs are linked to specific published images; others are not.

The members of the committee are very eager to know what their colleagues think about these images. Are they useful? Are they as useful as paper images? More useful? Less? What would make them more valuable to you? Please forward your thoughts to the chairman, Harrison Eiteljorg, II (neiteljo @brynmawr.edu). Mr. Eiteljorg's email address is currently nicke@csanet.org - 11 July 2000.

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