Vol. IX, No. 4

February, 1997

CSA Director to Bilkent University in April

CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, will be heading to Turkey in April. Mr. Eiteljorg will be going to Bilkent University in Ankara to work with students there who want to learn more about applying computer technologies to their archaeological work. Sessions about database design and CAD will be held at the university, with some possible work on surveying as well. Students will have the chance to delve deeply into AutoCAD or database design, and all will learn some general ideas about fitting data systems to excavation systems.

The CSA Web site will be useful for the classes at Bilkent. CSA's booklet on CAD is available on the Web, as are the AutoCAD tutorial and the CSA Layer-Naming Convention. In addition, there has been some information about database design on the ADAP Web site, and Mr. Eiteljorg just has added more. As a result, students can have a good head start before sessions begins in Ankara. The sessions will only last for a week; so the advance preparation will be very valuable, making it possible to delve more deeply into some topics.

The Web material should also be valuable for others who want to explore the uses of computer technology in archaeology. Both basic and more advanced information about the use of CAD and databases is now available on the CSA site.

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