Vol. IX, No. 4

February, 1997

Addition to Archaeological Data Archiv

Thomas J. Braun's M.A. thesis at Tufts University was entitled Toward Field- Wide Standards in Computerized Archaeological Artifact Databases: A case Study at Ortu Còmidu, Sàrdara, Province of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. The work was done under the direction of Professor Miriam S. Balmuth, who had been in charge of the excavation. In the thesis, Mr. Braun discussed various archaeological database design issues, described the data dictionary used for the data from the Ortu Còmida project, and concluded with a catalog of the artifacts. The artifact information was originally stored in a database (DBF format), and the database was used to generate the catalog.

Mr. Braun has sent a copy of the thesis and the database to the Archaeological Data Archive for storage. Both thesis and database will be added to the archive. Limitations on access have not yet been determined, however, since both Tufts University and the Sardinian Office of Antiquities, Cagliari, must first determine the extent to which they should permit access to the materials. In the meantime, proper archival procedures will be followed with the thesis and the data file.

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