Vol. IX, No. 4

February, 1997

CSA Web Changes

The CSA Web site has some new information for database design. This new introduction to database design issues and ideas is available through the ADAP home page.

Typing "csaws.brynmawr.edu:443" to reach the CSA, ADAP, and AIA Web pages has proved to be annoying and error-prone for CSA personnel and others. An alias has been put in place to simplify matters, but the original will continue to work. The shorter version should be working by the time you receive this. It is "csa.brynmawr.edu." All web addresses based on the longer URL will work with the shortened version. For example, CSA's home page will be accessible with either http://csa.brynmawr.edu/csa.html or http://csaws.brynmawr.edu:443/csa.html. (The current web site is http://www.csaorg.net - 11 July 2000)

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