Vol. VIII, No. 1

May, 1995

Executive Service Corps Assisting CSA

A local organization called the Executive Service Corps of the Delaware Valley was established to offer advice and counsel from experienced businesspeople to small organizations such as CSA. CSA has arranged to work with two members of the Executive Service Corps on long-term planning, development of our board, and other issues facing the Center.

Bill Hill and Bob Hoe bring many years of experience to the task, and they have dived into the work with enthusiasm, meeting twice with the CSA Director. They quickly made some interesting and helpful suggestions.

Two things have resulted already. First, Professor Richard Hamilton of Bryn Mawr College, previously a member of the Advisory Board, has joined the Board of Directors. Mr. Hamilton has been consulted on a variety of issues over the years and has been an involved supporter. It is a pleasure to welcome him to the Board.

Second, Mr. Hill and Mr. Hoe arranged a meeting with the Board of Directors to talk with the members about CSA's plans. Director John McMurtrie will come from California to join the local members and discuss the paths CSA should follow from here. A day's meetings and discussion should help all to plan CSA's future course more fully and carefully.

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