Vol. VIII, No. 1

May, 1995

CSA Moves Across the Campus

Bryn Mawr College's generosity to CSA over the past three years has been vital to the Center. The College has provided an office in Rockefeller Hall, as well as access to the College computer system.

Now the College is providing CSA with a new office in Dalton Hall. The new office is about twice the size of the old one; so there will be room for a student or visiting scholar to work while learning to use a program or trying to hone newly acquired skills.

Even more important than the larger space is the fact that the new office is connected directly to the College computer. Previously, CSA has accessed the computer system through a modem, and that is, at best, a slow process. Now there is a direct link; so communication is much faster and more reliable, and our Sun workstation will soon be directly addressable on the Internet.

To say that we are grateful would be a gross understatement.

Nearly everything was kept running while furniture, computers, and books were moved from the old office to the new one in early May. The site of the metal cart with computer equipment or the hand truck with furniture rolling across the campus surprised some students, but making the move as quickly as possible has allowed almost everything done at CSA to be more efficient. The computers are now on their own local area network, linked to the College network, and from there connected to the Internet and the world.

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