Vol. IX, No. 1

May, 1996

Data from Prehistoric Pueblo Study

The data tables from Professor Michael Adler's book, The Prehistoric Pueblo World, A.D. 1150-1350, are available at the Archaeological Data Archive site, http://csaws.brynmawr.edu:443/web1/adap.html - or more directly at . . . /web1/prepw.html. (The current web addresses for these pages are http://www.csanet.org/archive/adap and . . . /usa/prepueb/prepw.html - 11 July 2000.) The data were first made available as Web tables - 12 tables, one for each of the geographical/cultural regions under consideration, but they are now also available from the Web site as downloadable files. There are two files with the database information, an ASCII file (1) and a zipped (compressed) database (.dbf) file.(2) Each data file contains the complete 12-region database in a single file. A third file is an explanatory text file needed to understand fully the data in the other files. Users should not download the data without the explanatory file.

The information in these data tables that has been gathered by Mr. Adler and his colleagues cannot be complete. Indeed, a catalog of sites like this can never be complete, since new discoveries will come to light on a regular basis. Recognizing this, Mr. Adler and the Archaeological Data Archive personnel invite other scholars to submit their additions, corrections, and updates to the data. Submissions may be sent either to Mr. Adler (c/o Department of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275, madler@mail.smu.edu) or to the Archaeological Data Archive (c/o CSA, Box 60, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, neiteljo@brynmawr.edu). Mr. Eiteljorg's current email address is nicke@csanet.org - 11 July 2000. The additions and corrections will be evaluated; if accepted, they will be added to the information available immediately.

The original files will be retained and kept separate; so it will always be possible for a scholar to return to them for reference. Links will be added, though, so that a user accessing the Web site will be able to find the new information on-line - and will know to whom the new information should be atttributed. Additional files for downloading will also be available then, and the explanatory file will be modified to reflect the new information whenever there are additions.

The ability to add new material to the files already posted should make it possible to keep the data up to date with little or no trouble. This is work for which electronic data are admirably suited, and both Mr. Adler and ADAP Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, are eager to start this process of providing continuously updated information.

For further information on the ADAP project and the contents of its archives, please visit the ADAP homepage and the description of its archives. For other Newsletter articles concerning the ADAP consult the Subject index.

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