Vol. IX, No. 1

May, 1996

Citing Electronic Sources

A Web page has been constructed to aid scholars with the thorny problem of citing electronic sources such as e-mail correspondence, Web sites, and electronic journal articles. Dr. Hugh Jarvis of Millard Fillmore College, University at Buffalo, and SUNY Buffalo, has put together information of his own and assembled links to many other resources as well.

The links are directly to Web versions of documents that describe citation systems, including Xia Li and Nancy Crane's Electronic Sources: APA Style of Citation and Janice Walker's MLA-Style Citations of Internet Sources.

This is a valuable resource, and Dr. Jarvis has said that he welcomes "suggestions and advice on making this document more useful!" The address is http://wings.buffalo.edu/academic/department/anthropology/jwa/citation.html. Splitting the URL before the directory slash was one of the recommendations in Mr. Jarvis' guide. [Note that this link is no longer active. - ed]

For other Newsletter articles concerning the use of electronic media in the humanities, consult the Subject index.

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