Vol. VII, No. 3

November, 1994

British School Photo Archive

The British School at Athens has launched an exciting and ambitious program to preserve photographs from the school archives and to make them available to interested parties as computer images. The images include archaeological records, but there is much more, including cultural ceremonies, costumes, and many Byzantine monuments. The photographs date from as early as 1886. Included in the arhive are photos from four individual collections, The Byzantine Research Fund, The John Pendlebury Collection, The Payne/Brock/ Macworth-Young Collection, and the Knossos Excavations.

The images will be digitized at very high levels of resolution and stored in computers for access on high resolution workstations and even by remote access from abroad. Once the originals have been digitized, they will be properly stored and protected from degradation. School officials expect to digitize some 65,000 images at recolutions as high as 5200 dots per inch.

For further information about the project or the technologies to be used. contact the BSA, 52 Odos Souedias, GR - 106 76 Athens, or the system designer, Carpenter Associates, P. O. Box 7945, Aspen, CO 81612 (303) 927-3990.

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