Vol. VIII, No. 3

November, 1995

CAD Models for CSA Archive

An agreement in principal has been reached between Kent Larson and the Center for the Study of Architecture to arrange for the archiving of Mr. Larson's CAD models at CSA. Mr Larson, an architect and architectural historian, has created CAD models of Louis Kahn's planned but never constructed synagogue in Jerusalem, and those models will become part of the CSA archive. Regular readers of the CSA Newsletter may recall that, in the issue for November, 1993, Mr. Larson's work work was discussed, and readers were referred to the superb renderings published in Progressive Architecture (9/93).

A number of questions must be settled before the models can actually be transferred. Some of those questions revolve around the data themselves - format(s) that should be held in the archive and documentation of the models, for instance.

Other questions involve copyright and access issues. Mr. Larson and CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, have agreed to pursue ways of resolving these issues without trying to tie all the legal knots many of which are still so complex as to resist solutions. Given the state of change in this area, there are also many concerns for which there are no sure legal solutions.

One likely agreement involves copyright protection. Since a copyright must be protected in order to be maintained and there should be no confusion about who is to protect the copyright for the CAD models, it seems most likely that CSA will take on the responsibility for copyright protection.

Mr. Larson is eager to have the models in a safe, permanent home where they will be protected from decay and from copyright violations. Mr. Eiteljorg is hoping that, in addition, the solutions reached for adding these models to the archive will help with those to follow. To that end, readers with suggestions or comments are encouraged to contact Mr. Larson or Mr. Eiteljorg with their ideas.

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