Vol. IX, No. 3

November, 1996

AIA Computer Workshops at Annual Meeting

CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, will again host a workshop at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America - this year in New York City. The workshop will be held on Saturday, December 28, 1996, in the Technology Showcase area of the Exhibit Hall. It will run from noon to 1:30 p.m., and the focus will be on electronic publishing, CAD, and surveying.

An AIA-sponsored workshop will be held in the same area and at the same time on the following day, December 29. It will feature presentations by scholars now using specific computer technologies on individual projects. The presenters will discuss their uses of the technology and answer questions from the audience. The presenters will be Mr. Tyler Bell (Oxford), speaking about a surface survey and GIS; Professor Michael Arnush (Skidmore), speaking about a 3D interactive program of the Athenian polis; Dr. Donald Sanders (The Learning Sites Project), speaking about 3D digital models; Mr. Steve MacGillivray (Columbia University School of the Arts), speaking about the Palaikastro Web Site; and Dr. Mark Stefanovich (American University in Bulgaria), speaking about the Kamenska Chuka Web Site.

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