Vol. IX, No. 3

November, 1996

Publishing on the Web - Making Decisions for the Future

Harrison Eiteljorg, II

The Committee on Electronic Publications of the AIA has made images available (1) on the AIA Web site (http://csaws.brynmawr.edu:443/aia.html) and asked scholars to examine them, compare them to the printed versions, and comment to the committee. Instructions are available through the Web site.

Few comments have been received thus far, but the decisions reached about electronic publishing will have far-reaching repercussions; so I want to urge readers of the Newsletter to look at these images and make their reactions known to the committee. Members of the committee want to plan for future electronic publications, but they need to know how others react to the changes that may come.

The committee is also eager to hear from scholars about other aspects of electronic publishing. If you have thoughts, concerns, ideas, doubts, . . . tell the committee. You may do so by writing to me - on paper (CSA, P.O. Box 60, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010) or via e-mail to user nicke at (@) the domain csanet.org - at the CSA address.

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(1) The web address csa.brynmawr.edu was replaced by www.csanet.org. The links in this document were redirected to the new site in July, 2000 by CSA personnel. The image experiments are available at www.csanet.org/web2/picexp.html and . . . picexp2.html.Return to the body of the article.