Vol. XIII, No. 1
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Spring, 2000

New Domain Name for CSA Web Site

CSA has obtained a domain name for its Web site, and future access to the site will be via the new address: archcomp.org, though the old name will still work. The name, as we hope is obvious, is intended to refer to archaeological computing. (This address did not work out; the current URL is www.csanet.org -- 11 July 2000.) The old addresses will work now and for the foreseeable future, but we will use the new name in our literature from now on, hoping that it will be easier to remember. (www.csa.org was already registered for the Confederate States of America.) Perhaps the South will rise again.

Should there be any changes in the point of access to CSA's web server, the use of a registered domain name will also make it easier to continue to find the CSA site.

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