Vol. XIII, No. 1
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Spring, 2000

Web Usage Is High - More Lantern Slides Coming

Use of the CSA Web site has continued to grow; the CSA/ADAP sites served more than 1200 Web pages per day for the last month. In addition, a more careful look at the usage numbers for the lantern slides (see www.csanet.org /lanterns) shows that those images have been requested far more often than had been thought. For the last month for which there are figures (March of 2000), there were nearly 4,000 requests for lantern slide pages (pages only, not counting the images), and more than 3500 of those were requests for specific groups of images or individual images (the remainder being requests for the introductory page or the index page). The level of use is much higher than had been thought after cursory looks at the analyses of web site access that are checked each month. When the usage log was analyzed more carefully, the correct number of uses of the lantern slides was found.

Since the level of use suggests that many have found the images to be helpful, more images will be added to the collection. Many more slides lie in wait, having been cleaned and photographed already, but not scanned. By the end of the summer, the number of available slides should be at least double the current number.

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