Vol. XVIII, No. 1
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Spring, 2005

A New Review Series in the Newsletter

The Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review (BMERR) was an offshoot of the Bryn Mawr Classics Review (BMCR) from 1998 until 2002. During that time various reviews of Web sites and CDs were published electronically by BMERR. It proved, however, to be all but impossible to obtain enough reviews on a steady basis to justify the continuation of the project. As a result, in June of 2002 the effort was abandoned, and BMCR both placed the BMERR reviews on its Web site and took on the responsibility of publishing further reviews of Web sites and CDs.

In the years since the termination of BMERR, few Web sites or CDs have been reviewed for BMCR, and the CSA Newsletter has occasionally published reviews of Web sites. For the current issue a new review of one of the Web sites originally reviewed by BMERR, the site for the Çatalhöyük excavations, is being written. That encouraged the consideration of publishing reviews of Web sites and CDs of interest to the archaeological community in the CSA Newsletter on a regular basis. Since, as parts of the Newsletter, the reviews would be less numerous, it seemed reasonable to hope that a steady trickle, if not a torrent, might be generated. An announcement was sent to a variety of Internet lists, and the CSA Newsletter editor will be making every effort to add reviews to coming issues. The reviews will be peer-reviewed. Scholars interested in writing such a review should contact the editor by sending mail to editor at the csanet.org domain. CSA will maintain a list of sites and CDs in need of review; potential authors should feel free to recommend others.

The first two reviews in this series will be found in this issue of the Newsletter: a review of the Çatalhöyük Web site by Susan C. Jones, CSA's Administrative Assistant, and a comparison of two Web sites listing fieldwork opportunities by Ruiha Webster, a graduate student at Birkbeck College, University of London, who holds an MSc in Information Systems & Technologies.

For an index of other CD and Web site reviews available on the Web pages of the CSA Newsletter, see the review index.

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