Vol. XVIII, No. 1
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Spring, 2005

Thank You, Dr. Philip Chase

The Winter, 2001, issue of the CSA Newsletter carried an announcement of Dr. Philip G. Chase's appointment to the CSA Board of Directors. Over the following years, Phil Chase contributed significantly to the board, joining in important deliberations about digital archiving and the Archaeological Data Archive Project, the CSA Propylaea Project, and the Newsletter. His advice and thoughtful questions were invariably helpful.

Some time ago Mr. Chase decided that his other duties required all his time and effort. Nothing we could do -- including delaying the announcement so that the passing of time might change his mind -- could persuade Mr. Chase to continue on the Board; so we must now acknowledge his departure. We will miss his wise counsel.

Mr. Chase will be very busy with his project in Fontéchevade, France, his continuing exploration of the relationships between culture and genetic evolution, and the completion of his book, Accepting Culture: The Evolution of a Uniquely Human Way of Life. We wish him continued success in those projects and thank him for his service to CSA.

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