Vol. XIX, No. 1
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Spring, 2006

Digitizing Remaining Issues of the CSA Newsletter

Harrison Eiteljorg, II

Difficult as it may be for me to believe, the CSA Newsletter is now entering its nineteenth year. Most of the articles from past issues have been placed on the web, either at the time they were written (from volume VIII onward) or by converting them to HTML format if necessary for the period prior to the spring of 1995. A number of earlier articles were not put on the Web because they were deemed to be of little importance or, in some instances, to be out of date.

Given the longevity of the CSA Newsletter, it now seems that earlier articles may hold interest of a different kind. Some of those articles may be of interest to historians of archaeology as they study the spreading use of computers in the field. For that reason -- and to make our digital archives complete -- we are placing all earlier issues on the web. They will not be converted to HTML documents but will instead be scanned and presented as images. (An article concerning the scanning processes and choices is also included in this issue of the Newsletter, see this issue, "Scanning Text and Drawings for Archives," by Susan C. Jones at http://csanet.org/newsletter/spring06/nls0606.html.)

Individual articles will still be available from the general table of contents, but the table of contents will lead to images of the pages on which articles begin with any following pages loaded simulatneously as required to give the complete article.

In some cases, of course, multiple articles will appear on a given page. Nevertheless, this seems a better approach to presenting these older issues. Not only were they prepared for the printed page, they were presented only on the printed page in their original forms; therefore, readers will see those articles as presented originally. Realizing that it is desirable to see something in, as nearly as possible, its original form, we are also planning to scan those articles that have already been converted to HTML format so that readers may see them in either form -- as originally printed or as HTML documents.

-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

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