Vol. X, No. 1

Spring, 1997

Letter to the Readers

April 10, 1997

Dear Newsletter Readers,

I wrote to you last about a year ago, asking for your support for the Newsletter. Many of you have been very generous, and I truly appreciate your support. Your kinds words have often been as appreciated as your hard cash, and you contributed a record amount for the Newsletter this past year - about $ 3,600.

The cost of production and mailing of the Newsletter also was a record, unfortunately, thanks mostly to the new mailing requirements of the U. S. Postal Service. In order to get the lowest rates, we must now have the newsletters addressed by a subcontractor (with bar codes and, when possible, nine-digit zip codes). Our total costs for Volume IX were about $5,000.

I am, of course, writing now to ask for your support for the coming year. Thanks to our new schedule, the costs of production of the Newsletter will decline a bit, and the total cost should come down by about 12%. (We did not suffer the new, higher costs all last year but only for the last two issues.) As a result, we can anticipate total costs in the neighborhood of $ 4,400.00 for the coming year, meaning that we need your help to raise that amount.

I hope you will again contribute the funds needed so that we can continue to bring you this service. As you know, you may do so with VISA or MasterCard contributions as well as checks. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

Yours truly,

Harrison Eiteljorg, II
Director, CSA

P.S. If you are receiving the Newsletter at an address without a nine-digit zip code, please let us know what your nine-digit zip code is. We have tried to get all addresses converted, but it has been impossible to obtain nine-digit zip codes for some institutional addresses. Newsletter addressed with only five-digit zip codes require more postage.

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