Vol. XI, No. 1

Spring, 1998

A Letter from the Editor

May 1, 1998

Dear CSA Newsletter Readers,

I am writing, as I have for each of the last several years at this time, to ask for your help in supporting the publication and distribution of the CSA Newsletter. Each of you receives the Newsletter at no charge, but producing and mailing the Newsletter, of course, is not without cost to CSA. We have attempted to keep our costs down and, as you know, reduced the number of issues from four to three - while lengthening the individual issues from 12 to 16 pages so that the number of pages per year remained constant - to help control costs. Higher mailing fees (not the postage charges, but the costs associated with preparing the mailings to meet ever-more-stringent postal regulations) offset some of our savings, and this past year of the Newsletter cost about $4,400 to produce and distribute, as budgeted, but down more than ten percent from the previous year.

Unfortunately, contributions were down more than were costs. I assume that was because there were fewer issues and therefore fewer reminders. We took in less than $2,000 this year, not much more than half of last year's contributions. At the same time, many readers have commented on their appreciation of the Newsletter.

As I hope you realize, the level of support is a serious matter for CSA. We want to continue to distribute the Newsletter without charge, in part because we think it will reach a much wider audience, and in part because we do not want to have to waste time dealing with subscription forms and renewals. We will therefore continue to distribute the Newsletter without charge. We do very much hope, though, that you will do your part by helping to support it, knowing that we cannot continue indefinitely without your help.

As in the past, your contributions are tax-deductible, and we can accept VISA and MasterCard charges. The date of your last contribution to the Newsletter will continue to appear on your mailing label.

Yours truly,
Harrison Eiteljorg, II
Director, CSA

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