Vol. XI, No. 1

Spring, 1998

CAD Guide To Good Practice

In the last issue of the Newsletter was a note about the forthcoming CAD Guide to Good Practice that is to be produced by CSA, the ADAP, and the Archaeology Data Service. The introduction has been written, and it is available on the Web at http://csa.brynmawr.edu/web1/g2gp/G2GPDraftIntRev.html. (The current address is www.csanet.org/inftech/g2gp/G2GPDraftIntRev.html - 11 July 2000.) Additional materials will be posted as they are produced.

Although these materials are preliminary - and are so marked - readers' comments would be very much appreciated; comment and criticisms will be considered carefully by the author and editors. Please send your comments to Harrison Eiteljorg, II, at CSA.

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