Vol. XII, No. 1

Spring, 1999

BMERR Is Up and Running

The Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review began accepting subscriptions on March 30. Since that time nearly 450 people have subscribed. That number is in large part a tribute to the reputation of the Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

Of the subscribers, 324 have chosen to receive the reviews as email, and 118 have selected the other option, to receive only a URL for the review. It is instructive to see the balance there, with nearly three times as many people choosing to receive the full review, all the more so because there had been some thought of making access available only via the Web.

As of April 26, 8 reviews had been sent and posted on the Web site, and a regular stream is continuing. Volunteers to write reviews and suggestions for Web sites or CDs to be reviewed are welcome. Please write to the editor, Harrison Eiteljorg, II, via email to user nicke at (@) the domain csanet.org.

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