Vol. XII, No. 1

Spring, 1999

A Letter From the Director

May 1, 1999

Dear CSA Newsletter Readers,

I am writing, as I have for each of the last several years at this time, to ask for your help in supporting the publication and distribution of the CSA Newsletter. As you know, the Newsletter is sent without charge, but it is not produced without costs to CSA. We have done our best to keep the costs down, and we will continue to make every effort to do that. Nonetheless, it is an expensive proposition, costing about $4,800 to print and distribute the last volume. That figure does not include editorial costs. The cost is up less than 10 percent from last year, reflecting rising postage costs.

Contributions accounted for nearly half the costs, and more than fifty of you joined in to help support the Newsletter. We are very grateful for the support, and I hope that is clear to all. Nonetheless, we need more support if we are to continue our free distribution policy.

We will continue free subscriptions again for the coming year, and we hope you will do your part to help support the Newsletter with a contribution for Volume XII. (Yes, this will be the twelfth year for the CSA Newsletter. If that is hard for you to believe, it is much harder for me.) We prefer to see the wider distribution that results, and, frankly, I do not want to have to spend time dealing with subscriptions and renewals. So please help us keep the Newsletter free.

As in the past, your contributions are tax-deductible, and a pre-addressed envelope is enclosed. We can still accept VISA and MasterCard charges as well as dollar-denominated checks. The date of your last contribution to the Newsletter will continue to appear on your mailing label so that you will know when you last contributed. Please let us know if the date shown is not correct.

Thank you in advance,
Harrison Eiteljorg, II
Director, CSA

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