Vol. XII, No. 3
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Winter, 2000

Web-Assisted Session at SAA Annual Meeting

A symposium entitled "Digital Data: Preservation and Re-Use" will be chaired by CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, at the coming meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (in Philadelphia, April 5-9). Six papers (by nine authors) will be presented on a range of specific topics having to do with archival storage of and access to electronic data.

The papers will be posted at the CSA Web site (http://www.csanet.org/saa) a month prior to the meetings - abstracts are already posted - so that interested scholars can read the papers in advance and, as a consequence, be better prepared to engage in discussion at the session. With the full papers on the Web, speakers will present summaries of their papers in the session, and most of the time will be devoted to spirited and informed discussion. Advance discussion will also be possible through the Web site.

This is an experiment for the SAA and for the speakers, who will be obliged to prepare their papers well in advance. If the quality of the discussion is higher by virtue of posting the papers in advance, though, the extra effort will have been well justified.

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