Vol. XIII, No. 3
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Winter, 2001

Thank You, Judge Drayer; Welcome Dr. Chase

Calvin S. (Pete) Drayer, Jr., who was CSA's attorney and helped incorporate the organization, became a judge more than a year ago. He tried to continue serving on the board but found it impossible to manage the meetings and his busy schedule as Judge of the Montgomery County Orphans' Court, which deals with wills, estates, trusts, and the like. He asked to retire from the board, and CSA Directory Harrison Eiteljorg, II, reluctantly accepted. Pete's ability to comment on a wide variety of matter of importance to CSA made his an asset to the board, and he will be missed.

Joining the CSA Board of Directors in Judge Drayer's place will be Dr. Philip Chase, Senior Research Scientist of the European Archaeology Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Mr. Chase has also served as the University Museum's Associate Director for Information Technology. An expert in the Paleolithic period, Mr. Chase was one of those asked to examine the well-publicized bone that had been claimed as an early flute, concluding that the supposed finger holes were instead the results of animals gnawing on the bone. Mr. Chase brings to the CSA board a wealth of experience with computing in archaeology as well as both an understanding of and a concern for the archival preservations problems confronting archaeologists who use digital technology.

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