Vol. XIII, No. 3
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Winter, 2001

New Photographs on CSA Propylaea Project Web Page

The CSA Propylaea Project Web site now contains more than 100 photographs of the Propylaea at VGA (640 x 480 pixels) and XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) levels of resolution. The images can be accessed via a plan of the Propylaea with icons to indicate the approximate vantage points for 10 different groups of images. A link from each icon leads to the appropriate group of images. As the number of images grows, this access system will doubtless evolve. In the meantime, comments about the utility of the system will be gratefully received.

As is the case with the Lanterns Slides of Classical Antiquity Project , accessing the images on the Web will result in many individual Web windows. The basic map will call up -- in a second Web window, leaving itself in the background -- a page with a group of thumbnail images showing similar views of the building and giving basic information about each. Using those small images, the user may request one of the larger versions, and any larger version requested will be presented in another window, leaving the group page and the basic map in the background. Users with small monitors may find this inconvenient, but it is the best way to permit multiple images to be viewed at once -- for comparison or for selecting the preferred image for later reference.

In addition to the Propylaea images, there are also nearly sixty photographs of the older propylon now available through the CSA Propylaea Project Web site. They are available through a similar access system. Drawings from the older propylon will also be added to the site, and the AutoCAD model of the older propylon is available for downloading now.

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