Vol. XVIII, No. 3
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Winter, 2006

Thank You, Autodesk and Lisa Crounse

Autodesk, the company responsible for AutoCAD, has granted CSA's request for a copy of the latest version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2006®. CSA received a copy last week, and it has been installed on both Mr. Eiteljorg's Windows machine and his MAC PowerBook running Virtual PC (after upgrading various bits of software). A review of the new version of AutoCAD will be prepared for the next edition of the CSA Newsletter.

Mr. Eiteljorg wrote to Lisa Crounse in the Educational Division of Autodesk to make the request, and Ms. Crounse was extremely helpful. In the course of the correspondence, Mr. Eiteljorg also asked Ms. Crounse to pass on to people at Autodesk some information about the CSA Layer Naming Convention to see if it generates any comments. It is to be hoped that improvements may follow.

Thank you again, Autodesk!

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