Vol. XXI, No. 3
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January, 2009

Data-Gathering Phase of CSA Propylaea Project Ends
Scholarship and Web site to Continue

Harrison Eiteljorg, II
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The CSA Propylaea Project is no longer gathering survey data or otherwise continuing active examination of the structure. The web site at propylaea.org or propylaea.csanet.org will continue to offer access to information about the building and the project, and scholarly use of the data already gathered will continue.

This change is the result of a determination by Dr. Tasos Tanoulas, project co-director, that unfettered access to data gathered by the project could not by provided to data gathered in the future. Any newly acquired data could be made available to potential users only as the Greek Ministry of Culture might determine from time to time. As a result, no further data collection can be attempted since open access was a key component of the grant proposal. Unused funds will be returned to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

The web site will continue to be available. Photographs, simple plans, and articles based on the work, will continue to be available at propylaea.csanet.org. CAD models are not yet available there, but they will be posted in the coming months, as will all other data generated by the project.

This untimely end to the data-gathering phase of the project distresses me greatly. However, it is beyond my control.

-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

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