Vol. X, No. 3

Winter, 1998

Addition to Archaeological Data Archive

Thousands of photographs taken during the course of the Pylos Regional Archaeological Project (PRAP) were digitized for use on the PRAP Web site. The digital images were stored on the PRAP Web server.

Those photographs are now being archived at the Archaeological Data Archive. All the images have been copied to a hard disk at the ADAP office. They will be spot-checked by ADAP personnel to be sure that the transfers were successful. Then they will be copied to three CDs. One copy will be kept in the ADAP office, one will be placed in a bank vault, and one will be sent to the PRAP office.

Fuller checking of the images will be done at the PRAP offices. If there are omissions or problems, the CDs will be corrected or replaced.

Although the individual files were compressed and quite small, the slides are so numerous that they will require more than 500MB of disk space.

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