Vol. X, No. 3

Winter, 1998

A New Electronic Review Series - Bryn Mawr Classical Review of Electronic Materials

The editors of the Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR), Professor Richard Hamilton of Bryn Mawr College and Professor James O'Donnell of the University of Pennsylvania, conducted a poll of their readers in the fall. They asked whether or not those readers would be interested in reading reviews of Web sites and CDs pertaining to the classical world. (For those not familiar with BMCR, it is devoted solely to publishing, electronically and on paper, reviews of books dealing with classical antiquity. Reviews are intended to be available within six months of publication. They are available as e-mail messages, sent individually to subscribers as they are completed; as parts of the paper journal; and through a gopher site.)

The response was favorable; so CSA Director Harrison Eiteljorg, II, in cooperation with the editors of BMCR, will soon launch a companion series of reviews, BMCR-E - Bryn Mawr Classical Review of Electronic Materials. There will be regular reviews of Web sites and CDs pertaining to the classical world. The first reviews should be available this spring.

Reviewers will be asked to identify appropriate audiences, to judge the scholarship, and to comment on issues affecting utility. They may also suggest improvements or point out the state of completion when dealing with Web sites.

As has been the case with BMCR, authors - broadly defined here - will be able to respond to the reviews. Authors of Web sites will have a special opportunity. They will be able to respond by making changes to their sites as well as by commenting on reviewers' remarks.

We have not yet decided whether to supply the reviews as e-mail messages to a subscriber list, with a Web site as a repository, or to use an e-mail subscription list only to inform subscribers that specific reviews have been posted to the Web site. There will be no paper version of this review series.

For an index of other CD and Web site reviews available on the Web pages of the CSA Newsletter, see the review index.

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